Steep learning curve ahead…


With the addition of new technology for Eden’s Type 1 Diabetes management we are learning, learning, learning about what Eden’s poor body goes through


We walk a crazy tightrope trying to keep between the lines

and within a safe and healthy blood glucose range. 


  • With every LOW blood sugar is an immediate risk – her body and brain cannot function correctly without the correct level of glucose in her blood.
  • With every HIGH blood sugar – too much glucose is circulating in her body – slowing it down, causing damage to her organs as it goes.


Trying to maintain this balance is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE

Trying to maintain this balance takes hard work

Trying to maintain this balance brings feelings of guilt that we aren’t trying hard enough

– that every single HIGH blood sugar is setting her up for long term complications.


EVERY SINGLE DAY – we need to take into consideration

  • food intake
  • carbohydrates
  • activity level
  • hormones
  • illness
  • stress
  • growth spurts
  • time of day

ALL of these things, plus more affect blood sugar levels

and our ability to stay between the lines.


For the past FOUR YEARS we have been completely in the dark about how Eden’s body reacted to certain foods and even INSULIN..

We are now seeing for the first time just how quickly ANYTHING she eats affects her blood sugar.


within minutes – her blood sugar is spiking…

We are learning that insulin can sometimes take close to an HOUR to lower her blood sugar.


These spikes ARE NOT GOOD for her body… and it is scary to think we did not know they were even happening..


We want to be BETWEEN the yellow and red lines..

We still have a LONG way to go to acheive that.


The learning curve just got a bit steeper…


We now need to use the data we are receiving from this new technology and try to make improvements. Adjust insulin settings – try to stop these spikes from happening..

  • It will take trying to get a 12 year old to give herself insulin 20-30 minutes BEFORE she eats.
    • But probably only for certain meals as the spike isn’t consistent.
  • It will take trial and error.
    • Hopefully more trial than error – because error could have dire consequences.
  • It will take patience and understanding.
  • It will take time
    • and then things will change and we will need to start all over again.


Because THAT is living with Type ONE Diabetes.

The endless tightrope walk we walk –


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