Living and Learning ..


Eden had a GREAT blood sugar day yesterday..

The best one in a LONG time – she actually managed to stay between the lines almost the entire day 🙂



I’m so proud – Eden did this all on her own

Yesterday – she totally ROCKED IT!


  • She dosed her insulin 30 minutes ahead for breakfast
  • In PE class – she checked her Dex – saw she was on the low end and had some fruit pieces to bring her blood sugar levels up before class
  • She dosed ahead for her lunch
  • After school she dosed ahead for her snack – was playing basketball and started to go LOW – so she had minimal glucose to boost her up.. it is SO EASY to over treat a low and skyrocket to a high blood sugar. She nailed it!
  • At dinner – we didn’t dose early enough and she did climb into the 200’s and stay there until midnight or so…


Regardless of dinner – She did an amazing job..

Eden really TRIED, worked at her D management and it showed!

It is NOT an easy balance and is quite honestly like rolling the dice..

Yesterday – Eden was on her game.

She did everything right and killed it and was lucky enough to have everything go in her favor.


Today – not so much..

Same drill, different day and we got this instead..



I was at home, watching her gradually drop further and further.

Once she hit 55 – I called the school.


Little did I know, Eden was on her game again and had already treated her low blood sugar before PE even started.


A very nerve wracking feeling – watching from a distance and feeling helpless!


It took a little while for the glucose to kick in so she continued to drop..

Once it kicked in – she skyrocketed in the other direction.

A little too much glucose maybe, but she must have felt terrible!!

Eden’s body NEEDED glucose immediately to continue to function..





Living and learning…

30 minutes may be too far in advance to dose for breakfast..

AND – I just learned… she forgot to dose 10 carbs LESS to account for PE first thing..



Eden has so much to think about and do compared to most kids her age.

She is amazing… and I am SO PROUD of her for taking on so much responsibility.

It takes a LOT to manage this disease



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