Never a dull moment…

ALWAYS something with D ..

Today has been an interesting day with my crazy – wanting to be independant kid … 😳


  • Basketball camp
  • Disconnected from insulin pump
  • Lots of physical activity & adrenaline
  • NOT wanting to listen to her mother, step aside and give herself insulin


= almost 4 hours of ridiculously high blood sugars 




Followed by:

  • lots of food and not adjusting her insulin dosages enough

= 2 hours & counting of crashing and unstable LOW blood sugars




In the midst of these low blood sugars

PROOF that Eden’s brain does NOT think clearly when she is LOW 


After camp – she left the house without shoes on this afternoon.


Did I think to ASK HER if she had shoes on?

Umm.. nope… surely it would be a given.


SO – we showed up at the lab for her blood work with ZERO SHOES..

socks – but no shoes…

Yup – that seriously just happened… 😆


We must have looked like CRAZY PEOPLE..

will be giggling and teasing her about that one for a long time.. never a dull moment





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