The 100 Club..

So there is this Club – that’s not really a “real” Club – but one that the D Community strives to be a part of..


The 100 Club.. 


meaning – hitting a blood sugar of 100.

Being able to record it, get a picture of it, share it, celebrate it, be PROUD of it.


We have hit it a number of times over the years, and I was VERY excited to see Eden hit it today!


I was out at the grocery store – along with a million other people the day before Thanksgiving.

Eden and her older sister were home and I glanced down to my wrist while I was checking out and saw it!






I was only getting sporadic updates to my Pebble while I was shopping. I gathered because Eden was moving around the house and not always in-range of her Dex and rig..  Eden needs to be within 20 feet of her rig – for the transmitter and sensor which is in her body – to communicate with the receiver. If not in range – it cannot transmit the data to the cloud for us to see it on our wrist.

I wasn’t overly worried – but another factor in being in and out of range – means that we don’t get the “trend arrows”.

These arrows tell us which direction her blood sugar is going and are EXTREMELY helpful.


➡️ side arrow = steady blood sugars

↗️ angled arrow UP = slowly rising blood sugars

⬆️ straight arrow UP = rapidly rising blood sugars

⬆️⬆️ double arrow UP = very rapidly rising blood sugars


Arrows in the opposite direction obviously mean the complete opposite and refer to blood sugar levels DROPPING. I personally am not a fan of double arrows UP or DOWN (unless she is super high)


Well – I continued to bag my groceries and headed out to the car, loaded them all, returned the cart and checked my wrist again.

WHAT ?!?!



only 11 minutes later and she had dropped a LOT ..


Having NO TREND ARROWS  when we hit the 100 Club – or now – meant that I had NO IDEA that she was dropping – or HOW FAST it could be happening.


Excitement turned to worry – as I wondered what Eden was doing and whether or not she was paying attention to Dex.


Text message sent to older sister – telling Eden to EAT..

I didn’t bother texting Eden, because she never has the volume up on her phone.

no response.


Needless to say – I drove home rather quickly from the grocery store..

Calling the house as I was leaving the parking lot..

Eden answered and was completely oblivious to the fact her blood sugar was dropping – awesome.






Pulling in the driveway – my wrist finally gives me a trend arrow..

see how fast I got home.

3 minutes flat


She was fine – all was OK..

I sure went from the excitement of being in The 100 Club to worry quick smart.


no rhyme. no reason.

Easy to see why I am addicted to looking at my wrist every few minutes..

You seriously just never know what D is going to do from one moment to the next.


3 thoughts on “The 100 Club..

  1. Hi Heather, thanks for your blog – you are an inspiring lady!! I have a 12 year old boy, basketballer and runner and all round awesome kid and love your posts. Don’t know where you’re from in aus but if victoria you may be interested that something cool happened in Melbourne today. A young man with type 1 was the no. 1 draft pick in the AFL. Have a great day 🙂 jane from Melbourne

    • thanks for reading! WOW – that’s awesome! We currently live in California, but lived in Mt Martha on the peninsula before we moved… 🙂 aussie, aussie, aussie … will have to look him up!

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