going CRAZY…


So, I obviously took some time off my Blog writing over the Thanksgiving break..

We enjoyed some much needed down time together as a family.


Unfortunately D decided it was feeling left out of the fun and decided to go completely and utterly haywire.

It started Thanksgiving morning..

My girls we actually behaving like sisters and doing each others hair and pretending to like each other.


My wrist started to vibrate – Eden’s blood sugars were dropping.

She had just eaten, so I gathered she was going to start to rise from the food.

5 minutes later – still dropping and dropping FAST. I rushed into the bathroom to check on her with some fruit pieces. She said she didn’t feel low..

5 minutes later – she dropped even FURTHER…

I go into the bathroom with a juice and her blood sugar meter.


We have learned to totally TRUST Dex and what it is telling us –

quite often treating a blood sugar that is dropping without actually

pricking her finger and testing her blood sugar. 


She tests her blood sugar and it reads in the 200’s .. HUH?

She must have residual sugar on her hands from the fruit pieces.

Wash hands re-test.. STILL in the 200’s..


meanwhile my wrist is vibrating and Dex is going CRAZY beeping… 

  • Wrist says 42
  • then it says LO

my heart is in my throat –

NEVER have I seen her blood sugar

drop SO FAST or read LO



Eden is fine – acting fine – finger prick proves she is fine 

So I figure out we must have a failed Dex sensor..  THANK GOODNESS…


We got 18 DAYS out of her Dex sensor – that is AMAZING – especially given our first attempt (Dr. trial) fell out after 4 days. The adhesive overload we have been using obviously worked!! 😄


What does a failed sensor mean??

  • Well, we need to insert a new one – with a big needle – which Eden is in NO HURRY to do.
  • It also means that we have a 2hr period of downtime while the sensor re-starts before we can calibrate it.
  • That means we will be blind to what her blood sugar is doing for at least 2 hours
  • On a day where a lot of snacking and carb guessing is done
  • On the first day of a new sensor where the readings are not completely accurate (at least in our experience)


Yup – that failed sensor on Thanksgiving morning was just the beginning..

The start of CRAZY and SO FAR – 4 days where we HAVE NOT been able to get Eden’s blood sugars under 200 for anything over an hour – no matter what we do.

Her blood sugars have been averaging HIGH 200 – 300 – 400’s for FOUR DAYS straight

insulin is like WATER –


to lower her blood sugar

to a respectable level. 


We were having ongoing issues before the failed sensor and I had been increasing insulin dosages, etc the week prior.. but NOTHING compares to what we have been experiencing the last 4 days.

It feels like a perfect storm has brewed and we are in the middle of a spinning hurricane with dark clouds all around us.

  • hormones
  • additional food
  • changed routine and meal times
  • sleeping in and going to bed late
  • bad insulin pump sites
  • bad insulin (I actually resorted to throwing AWAY insulin – because I was sure it was the culprit)
  • insulin resistance
  • growth spurt ?
  • getting sick ?

You name it – it has been thrown at us – and we are still spinning.. spinning… spinning…

I am hoping with all that I have that with the return of routine today Eden’s body will respond and we can get a break in the clouds.

I am frankly at a complete and utter loss as to what to do next. 

EVERY single thing we are doing is NOT WORKING.

As I write this I am watching her blood sugar climb at school – she is HIGH (over 400) and rising – and there is not a darn thing I can do about it.


She dosed for her breakfast, had PE, had additional insulin an hour ago.. and nothing. NOTHING


It hurts – It makes me feel sick to my stomach that I can’t do anything. I can’t fix it.  I can’t make it go away.

Type 1 Diabetes is stupid – really stupid .. it is CRAZY and making ME crazy..

I try SO HARD to be a positive person – to not let this darn disease get to me..

T1D is slowly but surely driving me INSANE and testing me in every way possible


I really just want to throw in the towel – quit – give up.

But I can’t.. it’s my daughters LIFE we are talking about..




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