The Struggle is Real…

They say Change is good, right?


Well – this right here ..



this scribbled MESS – are all the changes that I have made recently to Eden’s insulin pump settings..


  • increases to every single basal rate = MORE insulin
  • additional basal rates to TRY to stop blood sugar rises at certain times of the day = MORE insulin
  • changes in sensitivity – ie: how many many mg in blood sugar 1 unit of insulin will bring her down = MORE insulin
  • and now changes to her carb ratios .. yup you guessed it = MORE insulin


This scribbled MESS

is how my brain feels right about now

– trying to figure all this crap out.

(BTW – I am purposely leaving this one a mess so I can easily back track if I need to
– I have a “clean” copy too)


good news – 

We DID manage to get Eden’s blood sugars into the 100’s last night – and stay there for almost 12 hrs – HOORAY..


BUT – first thing this morning – they started to climb again.. ending up in the 300’s by mid-morning and pretty much staying there all day. 😩


I am POSITIVE it is hormones – her body is growing and changing and spewing out hormones which is making her body insulin resistant.

Insulin resistance is meaning that the amount of insulin we we able to give her a WEEK AGO is no where near enough for her body THIS WEEK. Just like flipping a light switch – seemingly overnight Eden’s body needs more insulin – MUCH more insulin.


My hope is that this new insulin resistance is a growth spurt and the new insulin requirements will continue to be needed.. Not just a passing thing where once her body has decided it has grown enough (for now) – it won’t “not need” the insulin it needs this week – next week..


Because what would THAT mean?

THAT would mean – all of the struggles and changes we are going through now causing HIGH blood sugars could just as easily cause LOW blood sugars next week ..


Her doctors appointment next week can’t come soon enough..

and of course – her blood sugar numbers ALWAYS go completely haywire right before an appointment..

every.single.time. without fail


the Struggle is Real – Type 1 Diabetes is HARD


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