Flying blind…

It is amazing how quicky we have come to rely on the information we get from Eden’s Dexcom – (CGM – continuous glucose monitor)..

Even more amazing – how totally, completely and utterly LOST we feel when without it!


Technically, Eden’s sensor needs replacing every 7 days.

i.e.: we need to re-insert new one with a big needle into another area of her body.


The thing is – after MUCH reading and learning from other Dex experts – there really is NO NEED to replace every 7 days if it is still working and accurate! In fact – it seems to get MORE accurate the longer it stays in.. insert happy dance here 😃


We learned the hard way with our Dr. trial (read about that here). I had NO IDEA what to expect and we didn’t get very far. Now we use added adhesive and a product called skin-tac which as the name impies, makes the skin extra “tacky” so the adhesive stays put LONGER.


The thing is – Dexcom WANTS you to replace it every 7 days – so the sensor stops working on day 7. Not really a biggie – we can just pretend that we have re-inserted a new one and re-start.. It DOES mean that we are out of action for 2 hours while Dex thinks it is calibrating a new sensor.


We had to replace Eden’s last sensor on Thanksgiving morning because it started to wig out

That was last Thursday…. when we started a new one – in the middle of the day.


Didn’t dawn on me this morning that TODAY is Thursday – TODAY is day 7…

and D-dad didn’t realize this morning that the message being displayed on Dex meant we needed to re-start?!


So of course TODAY – whilst Eden was at school, Dex stopped working..

that meant no blood sugar on my wrist – and back to flying blind..

😒 Boo..


We are getting a MUCH better handle on Eden’s blood sugars overnight – which is weird, because they are usually the hardest hours to manage.. During the day is STILL a nightmare.. too bad I didn’t get data today – it really would have helped a LOT to know what to do next…


Oh well, there is always tomorrow –

and the next day, and the next, and the next……..









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