It’s the little things…

I swear – having Dex and Nightscout has given our family almost a new life.


We STILL have the day-to-day struggles with T1D – that isn’t going to change in a hurry..


Dex and Nightscout are just TOOLS to help us along the way – they don’t DO anything other than give us information and peace of mind.


But that peace of mind is helping so much… 

  • I am getting a LOT more sleep… sometimes I think I am MORE tired now I am getting more sleep – but I think my body is just trying to adjust.
  • I went out for a coffee with my friend the other day – leaving both kiddos home – without a worry
  • Eden went to cheer on the boys basketball teams at school the other night – on her own
  • Eden went home with a friend after school today – totally spur of the moment thing.. that NEVER would have happened a few months ago.. Friends would ALWAYS come here and invites were few and far between..


image found on Pinterest

image found on Pinterest


I saw Eden at the school when I went to pick up her sister..

You could see it in her face – she was SO HAPPY..


She just texted me and asked if she could stay longer…



enjoy your freedom 💙

it’s been a LONG time coming…


It really is the little things .. that are the BIG things with this new technology..



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