The art of patience…

We have been plagued by technology issues over the past 4-5 days..

Last week, both Thursday and Friday Eden’s Dexcom sensor was not functioning whilst she was at school.


Thursday because we needed to start / stop a new sensor – our boo boo..

Friday because it was for some reason not happy ..


We continued with these issues all weekend šŸ˜ž


Unfortunately, we were greeted by these issues AGAIN this morning after she got to school and I’m not really sure why it continues to happen.. The kicker – I REALLY wanted to be able to see what was happening with her blood sugars this morning..


Eden had a VERY active weekend.. 3 basketball games on Saturday and 4 hours of training on Sunday. That means the liklihood of her running LOW today is pretty much 100%

Her blood sugars were very steady throughout the night – YAY – but when she got up she was on the low end (89) and dropping.. Before breakfast I had her have some fruit pieces to help bring her up a little bit before she ate. (she has to wait 30 minutes after taking her thyroid pill to eat)..

Apparently the fruit pieces were extra yummy this morning so she ate a few more than she needed to.. Driving to school – I was questioning her about dosing for her breakfast and asked her to dose a little extra since she had a few more fruit pieces than she should have…

Low and behold – I get home from dropping her at school and the BREAKFAST that she just gave herself insulin for – was sitting on the kitchen counter…



Dilemma ….


  • Call the school immediately?
  • Wait it out and watch her blood sugars carefully?


Today I chose to wait it out… hoping that the extra fruit pieces that she shouldnt have eaten and the lack of eating breakfast would balance each other out…


Then we got the dreaded errors – AGAIN.. In the middle of PE – right after a big dosing boo boo..




Every day for four days we have been getting these errors.

They have ALWAYS fixed themselves – but we have been down and out for at least 1-2 hours every time.


This morning, Dex came back at 10am..

I had already texted Eden back and forth – so I knew all was OK before then.


Dex is teaching us the art of patience.

Irritating, a pain in the butt and certainly not my strongest attribute.


At what point do we insert a new sensor and be done with these errors?

I hate to inflict pain on Eden if I don’t absolutely have to…


any Dex experts out there have any advice?



3 thoughts on “The art of patience…

  1. I would definitely call Dexcom and get a replacement sensor. It’s not normal to have ??? that often.

    No great advice other than that. Dexcom works great for me most of the time. But I have just come out of almost two months of inconsistent and frustrating readings. Dexcom replaced three sensors and had me download my receiver and send the data to them. A tech guy called me twice to follow up and gave me his name and extension. He indicated that if I continued to have problems to call him.

    He told me some calibration tips that I had never been told before. He said that when I start a sensor I should do the initial calibrations at least five minutes apart so that it can detect if my BG is changing rapidly. He also told me that if the Dex is calling for a calibration and it is very close to the meter that I don’t have to calibrate. He indicated that often the Dex feels the need to “do” something when you calibrate even if it shouldn’t do anything. The only problem with that is you keep getting the blood drop screen but other than that, it has worked well.

    So Dexcom is usually super helpful. They prefer that you call them before you replace the sensor but sometimes that is not possible. And they are OK with that.

    So glad that Eden survived the bolus but no breakfast incident. No matter how perfect we try to be with Type 1, there are so many different ways to screw up every day.

    • thanks for the feedback! Given the fact that we re-started the same sensor on Thursday I don’t think Dexcom will replace.. It seems to be behaving perfectly for the moment and is accurate so will see what tomorrow brings.. I have read too that it can sometimes be caused by moisture on the sensor contacts? possibly caused by sweating during basketball and today during PE?

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