Dex sensor insertion ..

My brave T1D warrior stepped out of her box yesterday.. 😍

Eden is VERY stubborn about alternating the locations for her insulin pump sites..

Inserting a big needle and infusing insulin in the same locations over and over and over again lead to poor adsorption, terrible scarring and swelling – but also causes less pain due to the build up of scar tissue.



Eden’s favorite location is her belly – so her belly is very swollen and scarred.

A Win/Lose scenario – it hurts her less to insert in the same places, but then we are in a vicious circle of other issues.


Now we have Dex and another device to insert – her belly is getting brutalized even more. The upper buttocks / hip area would be a good alternate location, but she doesn’t want to try it as she feels it will be too uncomfortable..


Yesterday – we convinced her to try her ARM…

I am SO PROUD of her for trying a different location !!  💙


I had D-dad document the process last night – because it dawned on me that I haven’t done that yet…

Kind of a last minute idea – proven by the fact that I am a terrible hand model with un-manicured fingers

– but such is life..



we start with this

we start with this









2 thoughts on “Dex sensor insertion ..

  1. My arm sites are the most accurate location that I use. Much better than the stomach. Hopefully Eden will have good results and kudos to her for being brave to try a new location:-)

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