HATE is a strong word …


I read something online a week or so ago that has stuck with me.

It was written by an adult with Type 1 Diabetes that was diagnosed as a child and has lived with the disease for many years. She was basically urging parents of T1D kids not to “hate” T1D, but rather to embrace it as a part of your child – a part that you should love.. Whether or not she had a child with T1D – I do not know – and honestly, I think that matters..

I can’t find the written piece now – and I don’t remember everything she stated, but she equated it to her as a child hating her freckles  – that were a PART of her that she could not change. Having a parent hate their child’s T1D – that is a PART of their child that CANNOT be changed – is in fact hating a part of their child…


I really don’t like the word HATE..

I have always discouraged the kids from using the word – it just isn’t a good word to describe anything – anything, except maybe Type 1 Diabetes or another life threatening illness..

HATE is not a word I throw around lightly. 


I DO use it to describe Type 1 Diabetes on occasion –

although I prefer to say “Diabetes is stupid”

But honestly, I DO HATE Type 1 Diabetes. 

Somedays more than others.

  • I hate that my daughter has to live with this disease
  • I hate that she has it and I don’t
  • I hate that I can’t make it better – or make it go away
  • I hate that I really, truly can’t understand what it is like to live with it
  • I hate that it makes Eden self-conscious and feel crappy
  • I hate that it has a mind of it’s own
  • I hate that it means my daughter is at greater risk for other auto-immune diseases and long term complications
  • I hate that she gets stuck with needles daily
  • I hate that she walks a tightrope of life and death on a daily basis
  • I hate that she is stereo typed because of the word “diabetes”
  • I hate that the general public does not understand just how SERIOUS of a disease it is


with that being said –


about my daughter.



She is a beautiful, smart, athletic girl with a heart of gold.

She is goofy, crazy and full of spirit

She is stubborn, messy and steals my clothes

She is brave, strong and resilient

She is my hero and I hate absolutely nothing about HER..  


I do on the other hand, HATE a disease that she is inflicted with..

that does not mean we do not teach her to live her life in spite of the disease or that she can and will be anything she can and wants to be.

Type 1 Diabetes is stupid and I hate that ANYONE needs to live with this disease.

end of story..


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