Can we get a Woo Hoo?!


Today was Endo day… AGAIN

This is never a super fun day – Eden hates it, I worry about what Dr. will think as we ALWAYS seem to have crazy blood sugars leading up to the appointment. I put the pressure on myself – somehow rationalizing that roller coaster blood sugars are a reflection of care – and my ability to provide appropriate care for my daughter.

Seriously – why do I do that to myself? 

We all KNOW – Type 1 Diabetes is stupid and has a mind of its own. It doesn’t follow guidelines or rules or let you have the confidence that you know what the heck you are doing. Not for a lack of TRYING – that is for sure…

That is T1D’s fault – not mine – or Eden’s …

I was brave enough to show Dr. my scribbled mess of all the changes we have made recently.. I actually showed him the MESSY one so he could see exactly HOW MANY changes and tweaks I have made trying desperately to improve the roller coaster..

  • Needing reassurance – maybe?
  • Trying to pre-empt the questions of WHY she was high here or low there – probably that too..


I have to say I was SUPER happy to hear he agreed with EVERY SINGLE change and addition I had made!! 😃😃😃

Can we get a Woo Hoo ?!


We have had Dex a little over a month now. Long enough to see and learn LOTS of things about how Eden’s body reacts to different types of food, her insulin and various other daily trends we were blind to before Dex. Did this help me with my changes – YOU BET.. Thank you Dex and Nightscout – you really came at the perfect time..


We have battled CRAZY blood sugars that insulin would not touch with the belief that Eden was in the middle of a growth spurt. Well – today it was confirmed… Eden’s body is clearly preparing to shoot upwards – she has gained 7 pounds (NO she is NOT FAT) since her last visit so NO WONDER her insulin needs have increased! **  bring on the inches – after all she does want to be a WNBA player ☺️


We discussed a couple times of day that we are still having issues and he suggested a couple of small tweaks to make. Other than that her A1C remained the same (at least it didn’t go UP) and he gave Eden another pep talk about taking her thyroid pill… hmm… wonder if having this talk for the 20th time will make a difference THIS time?


All around a great appointment..


Such a relief because each one of those changes was nerve wracking. Some made out of pure desperation and frustration – which I guess in this instance was a good thing because I made much more aggressive changes than I usually would have. I ALWAYS seem to second guess myself so it was so good to hear that he agreed with everything..


Guess I should have been an endocrinologist?

Oh, wait.. I think I AM –

and a nurse, and a dietician and pancreas !!


**For those of you who do not know us personally – Eden is TALL – already very tall for her age – and very proud of the fact that she has over taken me and is 4 inches taller than her older sister. She wears (and has worn for a year) a ladies size 10 shoe.. Like a puppy – she needs to grow into her feet – and we expect she still has a bit of growing left to do.

4 thoughts on “Can we get a Woo Hoo?!

  1. Heather, I read your blog religiously. You put my thoughts into words. Thank for the work you do. Glad you had a good appointment.

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