Needle in the Haystack…


I cannot believe it has been almost a week since my last post…


My last report was SO positive and I was super excited.. unfortunately it didn’t last long.


Of course we should all know by now that those days of T1D elation are few and far between. 

Type 1 Diabetes being Type 1 Diabetes – we have learned to expect the unexpected. 

Celebrate when we can and move on – because we are chasing a moving target and no 2 days are the same.


There are 2 times of day in particular that we have been consistently struggling with keeping Eden’s blood sugars in check.

10am and 10pm

like clockwork – and actually being PREDICTABLE – her blood sugars seem to rise at these times. 

without fail – no matter what we do.


But –

  • ONLY when she is at school – NOT on the weekends
  • ONLY when she does not have basketball in the evenings – THOSE nights we fear a crash


It really felt like we were making progress – we were cutting it off before it started

Until yesterday..

We have had a few good days and then yesterday the time seemed to shift to 11am and it wasn’t a gradual rise – but a huge spike upwards

last night she had a crazy spike at 10.30pm and did not come down below 200 all night.

I changed her insulin pump site this morning but she has remained high ALL DAY TODAY..


yeah – 400’s HIGH

REALLY bad for you HIGH

Makes me squirm and want to scream HIGH


  • I HATE to have to nag her all the time
  • I HATE that I have to drill her on what she ate and when
  • I HATE that she might feel the need to hide what she is actually eating
  • I honestly DON’T WANT TO CARE if she took a juice or something else that she really shouldn’t have – but she REALLY needs to think about what she is eating when her blood sugars are SO HIGH
  • I HATE that sometimes we need to say NO
  • I HATE that when she is at school I don’t know why and I can’t find out why without questions


She thinks I’m just being a pain in her butt..


  • I’m trying to find answers
  • I’m trying to understand WHY so I can fix it
  • I’m trying to help HER understand and CARE why it is so important 
  • I’m trying to get her to be more responsible
  • I’m trying to have her body function to the best of it’s ability
  • I’m trying to keep her out of the hospital and ALIVE



I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying…

I’m trying to find a needle in the haystack


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