take that..


I’m going to brag for a little bit – because I am SUPER PROUD of my girl.

For those of you that read often or know us personally – you will know..


Eden is OBSESSED with basketball.

Her greatest love is being on the basketball court – whether doing suicide sprints,  drills or playing in a game – she is at home and smiling.

After any basketball practice you will see me trying to get her to LEAVE.

She stays and continues to shoot around and would stay for hours even after a 6 hour day.

She plays with the boys – she plays with the girls.

She plays year round – any way she can play she will



Good thing I LOVE to see her play because so far over the years I have been at pretty much every single practice and/or game she has played in. Until a few weeks ago – and after our start with Dex and Nightscout – she had NEVER been left alone whilst playing.


I sit there – sometimes for HOURS  – watching – smiling – proud – worried


The new competitive season is upon us – 3 nights of tryouts have just been completed and the rosters listed.


Eden made the TOP 6th Grade BOYS

Competitive AAU basketball team.

To say I am proud is an understatement.


There has been many a moment that Eden has had to prove herself out on that court – to the boys – to the coaches – to the parents. We have heard snide remarks from onlookers – seen the disapproving looks from parents – because she is a GIRL.


  • Eden puts in the time and has the guts and determination to show up day after day after day – regardless of the naysayers.
  • She doesn’t get any special treatment because she is a girl.
  • She might in fact have to work even harder some days to prove why she should be there.


What those people don’t know is what it TAKES to get Eden there. How much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure she CAN play. She quite literally has a MACHINE keeping her alive day and night.


  • Every time she practices or plays means vigilance.
  • Every time her blood sugar levels are off means she has an added hurdle to jump that others don’t.
  • Every night after practice or games means we monitor her very closely – to ensure she wakes up the next day.
  • She doesn’t get any special treatment because she has a life threatening disease – and she shouldn’t



Even though this is only 6th Grade and in the grand scheme of things this really won’t mean much for her future.


In this moment – it is HUGE.

It is a huge win for Eden personally.

It is a huge win against Type 1 Diabetes.


  • She is a girl on a boys team
  • She is a girl on the top level boys team
  • She proved that hard work pays off and she deserves to be there


Eden is a Type 1 Diabetic – clearly it does not and will not stop her from achieving great things.


take that Diabetes





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