This part – is the intolerable part…

I’m back! 😃

Our family has just had a 2 week break over Christmas and we didn’t kill each other

We actually really enjoyed each others company and had FUN together..


Today – D dad went back to work and the girls go back to school tomorrow…

Back to routine – back to life – back to reality

– back to blogging 😊


NO – D didn’t take a break and let us forget it existed during those 2 weeks, but it was nice taking a break from writing just the same. I did post a few things here and there on the Eden’s Effort Facebook page – so if you don’t follow us there you probably thought we dropped off the face of the earth!

We had a couple of fairly smooth sailing D weeks. Of course we had some major ups and downs due to Christmas treats and over/under guessing correctly for carbs – but nothing we don’t handle on a daily basis anyway.

With Eden home and around us 24/7 it was perfect timing to be able to tweak insulin rates again.. 


Happy to say we have pretty much got the night time rates figured out for now! Well – at least in line for the routine (or lack thereof) we just had for 2 weeks. Will be VERY interesting to see what happens the rest of the week when we go back to early mornings, PE class and a afternoon/evening basketball schedule… 


I tried to hit the ground running today- even though the girls were still home.  I decided I would try to get some things crossed off the to-do list so when the house is actually QUIET tomorrow I will be able to enjoy it..

Unfortunately –

any day is NEVER a good day to deal with medical bills and insurance companies.

I spent at least 3 hours calling 2 vendors and the insurance company about totally messed up invoices today. Oh – and got disconnected by the insurance company 3 times ?!?! I swear they do it on purpose because they don’t want to rectify my claims.

I scour our medical bills and verify everything before paying ALWAYS.. 9/10 times over the past 4 months things have been WRONG.. I am dealing with one ongoing issue from MARCH ?!?! I have called another particular vendor (and insurance)  EVERY MONTH for 4 months. I REFUSE to pay more upfront and then fight the insurance company to get a refund. Because it will probably NEVER come.. problem is – I had to BEG the vendor today to allow me to pay the CORRECTLY listed charges. They have told me month after month – not to pay and wait for the next months corrected invoice.. The correct invoice NEVER COMES… And because apparently their computer system automatically sends accounts to collections for non-payment after 120 days… Even though I have been CALLING repeatedly – had everything sent to supervisors – and have pages of notations in my file – I am days away from getting referred to them..

yeah awesome..

I NEVER miss a payment date – EVER.. Just the thought of missing a due date by one day for any bill gives me anxiety.

seriously – if T1D messes with our excellent credit because of stupid errors by the insurance company I am going to be MAJORLY pissed off…

So – whilst we have had some great blood sugar numbers and a very enjoyable break

– today I got snapped back to reality quick smart…

of course nothing got resolved – I got more promises – told to call back next week.. 


Oh, yay… cannot wait.. maybe I should start drinking now?

If things are not rectified next week – this momma bear is going to roar..


T1D itself is an invisible disease.. Looking at Eden she looks perfectly healthy – people don’t understand the battle raging on inside of her body or what goes along with that battle..

One day Eden is going to need to handle this part of her invisible disease herself too…

  • this part infuriates me
  • this part saddens me
  • this part makes me tear my hair out and say things I shouldn’t say 
  • this part of Type 1 Diabetes is intolerable.. 


The behind the scenes crap we go through for live saving medical equipment and absolutely necessary blood work and doctors visits to keep Eden alive is a joke. and not a very funny one.. seriously people – get your acts together!


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