gotta love a challenge …

Back at it this week means back to school – back to early mornings and back to routine and the first week of basketball season! 🏀🏀🏀

yay 😊

Eden is still too young to play for her Middle School team (she is in 6th grade – bball offered in 7th grade) but she is assisting the coach with 8th grade tryouts and then will help with practices and be at all the games.

That means Eden will also have after school basketball practices/games 4 days a week on top of her regular AAU team tournaments, practices and additional training… good thing we LOVE basketball around here!


I knew this week would be challenging because we were heading into a completely different routine and schedule.. we pretty much had things going well for the last 2 weeks but the past couple of days have been interesting.. This basketball overload is going to also have a huge impact on her blood sugars and their predictability.. 


I’ve always said I love a challenge ..


First day back was yesterday – her blood sugars were near PERFECT the entire day at school… very unusual – she did spike after lunch but we are used to that dilemma and haven’t figured out how to avoid it.

I THOUGHT maybe we had tweaked her insulin settings enough that we might have conquered some of the issues we had been having prior to break… 🙂


Today – different story all together… High, high, high …

High after PE – spiked High when she had her snack and spiked High again at lunch..


same routine – different result.. 

insulin was new last night – site new this morning 


I knew the site was working fine because she wasn’t consistently high – just spiking high after eating.

Almost like clockwork at 2pm – an hour after eating lunch and dosing her insulin her blood sugar started to come down.

At first steadily, then faster and faster and faster..


TOO FAST when she was in the gym helping with basketball tryouts..


I saw this…


and then this…

Nothing like sitting in the school parking lot – watching blood sugars and waiting for practice to end – and hoping..

Hoping she could feel what was going on

Hoping that she was listening to Dex vibrating and warning her that her blood sugar was dropping.


She would KILL ME if I went into the gym and made a scene…

at least I was outside and close by..


and then I saw THIS …

getting ready to get out of the car – I watched her walk out of the gym.

She was seconds from being embarrassed by her mother…


fruit pieces to the rescue – 

she was clueless.. didn’t hear Dex – didn’t feel low


2.5 hours until her team practice tonight and I get to do it all over again…

I will be inside watching this time which always makes me feel more comfortable!


It might send me crazy – but gotta love basketball season! 😜❤️





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