My – dilemma of the day


SO – if you’ve been reading my blog recently – you will know that we have had low blood sugar issues 2 days in a row. I only KNEW about the issues because I was able to SEE what was happening with Eden’s blood sugars thanks to Dex and Nightscout..

Today – we lost connection – right after I heard from her at lunch

So I CANNOT presently SEE what is happening…

She had a good lunchtime blood sugar number and I’m pretty sure, right about now – one hour after eating that her insulin is kicking in and she is starting to drop. (her blood sugar spikes after eating)


But I don’t KNOW that for sure.. 


A few months ago – I wouldn’t have known either.

I really don’t need to know what it is doing every minute of every day.

But a couple of months ago she wouldn’t have been going to basketball

tryouts/practice on her own without strict guidelines.

With us being able to remotely monitor her, it gives peace of mind.

It makes things a little more laid back.

It gives a sense of security. 

I told Eden on the way to school today that she MUST put Dex in her pocket whilst at basketball today.

She didn’t previous days – thus she didn’t even know her blood sugar was dropping.


Quite honestly, I don’t know if there is a problem with Dex – or the uploader phone that sends us the data. All I know right now is that I have NO IDEA what her blood sugar level is and she is about to start basketball in minutes.


I have sent her a text message – she probably won’t check her phone.

I have sent her sister a text message – she probably won’t check her phone.

I have resisted the urge to send a message to the coach – I hate to put her in the middle. Eden NEEDS to be responsible for herself.


  • Will Eden check her Dex and carry it with her?
  • Will she figure out her rig isn’t transmitting and fix it?
  • Will she check Dex throughout tryouts to ensure she isn’t dropping too low?
  • Will she check her phone to see she has a message from me?
  • Will history repeat itself and Eden require sugar to get through the next hour…
  • Will I be able to stop myself from calling the coach and/or school?


my – letting my kid fly afternoon

my – crossing my fingers afternoon

my – more grey hairs for me afternoon

my – I wonder if I can hold out afternoon


my – dilemma of the day



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