Questioning Stupid..

Eden uses 2 medical devices inserted into her body to help manage her Type 1 Diabetes.

Her insulin pump literally keeps her ALIVE… pumping a steady stream of life sustaining insulin into her body 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We put a LOT of trust into that little machine!

Eden’s blood sugar climbed steadily yesterday and then SKYROCKETED after lunch.. when I saw it happening a few things crossed my mind..




  • She is doing dance in PE – (definitely not her thing) I thought maybe she was embarrassed or nervous because her blood sugar was elevated after PE and I reasoned she probably didn’t give herself insulin to bring it down.
  • I assumed that she probably had her morning snack and/or lunch at school and forgot to bolus for it.
  • I also tried to contact her because I knew her pump would be getting low on insulin (we refill every 2 days) and thought maybe her pump had zero insulin left. She never responded to me.
  • The thought also crossed my mind that maybe she was going through a crazy spell again and we were going to have to make more adjustments to her insulin settings after JUST seeing huge improvements.


As I was waiting in the ridiculously long school pick up line – my wrist let me know that her blood sugar was dropping ( at the typical 1 hour mark after lunch ) so my ZERO insulin theory was out the window.


Upon getting home from school –

the usual routine ensued –

the questions started.


I asked her about her snack and/or forgetting to bolus. She informed me she didn’t even HAVE a snack. hmm.

I then asked her how many units of insulin she had left ( 8 something or other) and we decided we would refill it after her snack. She got herself a snack – dosed her insulin, etc.


30 minutes later I asked for her pump so I could refill it and do a new insulin pump site.

I decided to scroll through the pump history to see exactly when she DID bolus.


Yup – no bolus after PE (no blood sugar test after PE either – that’s another story all together)

Yup – no bolus for snack – so I trust she didn’t eat one

The totally WEIRD thing – was that the snack that she JUST ate and bolused for WAS NOT in the history..


I KNOW she bolused – because a few minutes earlier she had over 8 units in her pump – and now when refilling 30 minutes later, she had considerably less.. She had GOTTEN a dose of insulin, but her pump had not recorded it.. this can be VERY DANGEROUS. We count on the pump calculating how much insulin is “active” in her system.. This information is extremely important to ensure she doesn’t get too much insulin.

My mind started to think and WONDER – whether there was something WRONG with Eden’s pump. Could that have been the cause of the mysterious HIGH also or was Type 1 Diabetes just being stupid ???


Seriously, you just NEVER KNOW with T1D


Over the next hour I kept a close eye on Eden’s Dex and her blood sugar was dropping – another indication that she definitely got insulin for the (rather large) snack that she ate after school. If she didn’t get any insulin – her blood sugar would be skyrocketing by now – but she was slowly but surely coming back down into a decent range.

I decided to call the pump company to put my mind at rest.

I was pretty sure we were out of warranty – but there was no way I would EVER put a price on my daughter’s life. This insulin pump keeps her alive – and I wasn’t going to risk Eden’s life because we would have to pay a hefty bill… 

Type 1 Diabetes is expensive – that is a fact.

Eden’s life is priceless.


Approximately 45 minutes later… Talking with the helpline – going through every test, check, etc on her pump, they deemed it was best to discontinue use and they would send a replacement – by 10am today.  Even though it passed all the checks – it was better to err on the side of caution.

AND – even better,  it was still under warranty ?!?!



SO happy for wonderful customer service

SO happy that I questioned the strange happenings of today and checked Eden’s pump

SO happy that we have Dex and we are able to keep a close eye on Eden’s blood sugars – just in case


In a couple of hours I will be programming all of the vital information into a new insulin pump – a new machine to keep Eden alive.

I will check, check and re-check every single setting –

because me making an error could cause Eden severe consequences. 


Type 1 Diabetes is definitely stupid and doesn’t always make sense – but I am glad that especially in this instance I questioned it’s “stupidness” 😊


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