What a Doozie …


WOW – yesterday was quite the day..

A day you would typically reserve for a Monday ..

As you know – I was expecting Eden’s insulin pump to arrive by 10am yesterday. 


Yeah – didn’t quite go as planned….


6.45 am – First thing I did when I got up was check the shipping status – everything was on track and I stayed home to be able to greet the delivery driver.

8.45 am – I checked the status again and there was a notation that was NOT there earlier in the morning, that severe weather had delayed delivery. It was SUPER foggy yesterday morning, so I was not the least bit surprised – It just meant it would be to our house after the promised 10am time. OK – I can deal with that..

9.30 am – Another hour or so ticks by and I check the status again – I was happy to see that the package was at least now in California and relatively close by (maybe a 45 min drive away)

12.30pm –  Another couple of hours or so ticks by and I check the status again


This time it now indicates the package is EVEN CLOSER to our house..

I’m so happy, but then I see another notation that WAS NOT THERE earlier…


Due to weather it has been rescheduled for the





Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.17.17 PM


Seriously, the package was SO CLOSE – but I was going to have to wait until tomorrow?

NO – this could not be happening… 


I decide to go to UPS website and see what could be done about it.. I found out I would be able to pull the package from scheduled delivery and pick up at will call .. YAY ..


  • Tried to do it online – made it all the way through the steps and I got an error. awesome
  • Tried to do online chat – was having trouble getting a connection.
  • Tried a different browser – said online chat was not available
  • Went back to original browser and finally got connected with a customer service rep.

I explained the scenario – said it was extremely important medical device and needed it ASAP. Could they please put in the request for me to pick up at will call since I was unable to do so online.

Yup – sure…

took forever – not sure she really knew what she was doing

after it was all done – the request was submitted to pull the item from transport and she decides to tell me that it will be ready to pickup at will call THE NEXT DAY..

WHAT ?!?! Are you kidding me…

I had said on MULTIPLE occasions that the reason I needed it ASAP was because I didn’t want to wait until the NEXT DAY..

I politely, but very firmly,  informed her that she should have said it takes that long to organize will call pick up BEFORE she submitted the request. good grief! She KNEW I was wanting to pick up the item ASAP.. I understand weather delays – I was not upset it was delayed. I was upset that she didn’t advise me it would be better for the package to just be delivered as scheduled.


Meanwhile – whilst chatting with UPS online – I had been simultaneously watching Eden’s blood sugar climb and climb and climb into dangerous double arrows up HIGH again.

Can you say STRESS… ?!

It was approaching lunch time at school – Eden and I usually text back and forth – but of course, today,  she left her phone at home. She had impressed me that morning by calling from the teachers office after PE to let me know. (and her BS number) YAY Eden..

12.55 pm – Trying to sort things out with UPS – the rep assured me she would contact the facility directly and CANCEL the will call pick up that we had just requested.. ugh.

I was watching the clock and trying to finish up as quickly as possible so I could get to the school to give Eden an insulin shot. I closed my computer, grabbed insulin out of the fridge, a couple of alcohol wipes and syringes and ran out to the car.

D-dad and I had made the decision the evening before, that since Eden’s new insulin pump was to be arriving by 10am – that she would continue to wear the one she currently had until the new one arrived.


Yes, Medtronic had told us to discontinue using it

Yes, they HAVE to tell us that for liability reasons

Yes, it was unlikely there was a problem with the pump – they were replacing anyway

Yes, we will probably get some flack from readers for our decision

BUT – it was the decision we made – and now we were living with it.


If we were not able to closely and remotely monitor Eden’s blood sugar with Dex and Nightscout we would most surely have come to a different conclusion. But we didn’t – and it was for a number of reasons.

SO –

mother guilt was now creeping into the equation..

no new pump – probably no new pump until the next day – sky high numbers – wearing a pump that guilt was telling me maybe she shouldn’t be wearing.

I NEEDED to have her take the pump off

I NEEDED to give her insulin with a syringe in case the pump was not giving her insulin


Thanks to UPS – I was about 2 minutes too late.

1.15 pm – After a few minutes while the staff trying to locate her, Eden came to the office shooting me DAGGERS.  I was taking her away from her free time with her friends, she didn’t know I was coming and her blood sugar was a lovely 443 (so she was very grumpy).  She had also decided that it was unnecessary to call me from the office (since she left her phone at home) and she had just given herself a HUGE dose of insulin via the pump that I didn’t want her to use.


Feeling incredibly stressed and worried – I took her pump with me and left her at school

School was out in just over an hour and there was nothing we could do but wait anyway.


1.30 pm – I got home and my phone rang. It was the lady at the local UPS facility and she had just gotten my request to pickup the package at will call followed by a cancellation to pick up – and was rather confused… huh, how about that.

She was super nice – I explained the situation and she told me she would do the best she could to locate my package so I could pick it up. If she was unable to locate it – she would leave a note for the AM person to ensure it WAS NOT pulled from delivery and went out on the truck the next morning..

2.30 pm – I pick up Eden from school. Her blood sugar is dropping steadily so the insulin she gave herself earlier was kicking in. I also find out that the high was caused by not bolusing for her snack earlier in the morning. – all was OK.

3.15pm – Eden tests her blood sugar before getting herself a snack – she is in perfect range. Since she is no longer wearing her pump – she is not getting any basal rate insulin – so we calculate the extra insulin needed to cover the next 2 hours and her snack. Eden draws it out of the vial with a syringe and we inject.

Not feeling confident about getting Eden’s pump – I still have NO idea what I am going to do about the rest of the evening. I decide that I will probably be up every 2 hrs during the night to give her insulin to cover her basal rate and would figure out tomorrow when we got there.

3.30 pm – I go back to the school to pick up Eden’s sister who was coming back late from a field trip

3.45 pm – I get a call back from UPS – confirming she cannot locate the package – expect delivery tomorrow. At the same time, Eden’s blood sugar starts crashing on Dex. Finger prick =  73

She still has a LOT of insulin in her system from what we just injected. Eden drinks a juice and we watch and wait

3.55 pm – Dex shows Eden still dropping – has fruit pieces

4.00 pm – UPS calls again.. she FOUND THE PACKAGE… yahoo.. we will be there ASAP.


Yell at Eden – get ready for basketball practice NOW – we are LEAVING.. and will go straight to the courts.

I grab her old pump, her written pump settings, batteries, extra food, glucose gel and juice because her blood sugar is still dropping.


4.15 pm – Jump in the car. Eden feels crappy – she has been on the T1D blood sugar roller coaster today. She says she doesn’t want to go to basketball – she feels LOW and miserable. Poor kid – I can’t leave her at home, it’s not safe. I have to take her with me and I HAVE to go get the pump.


A few minutes later, my wrist and Dex are screaming at us – saying Eden’s blood sugar is below 55.

A couple of minutes later and it says LO – meaning below 40.

She tests again and finger prick = 80

eats half a granola bar



picture taken later – showing rollercoaster ride





When her blood sugar falls (or rises) this quickly – it takes a while for Dex to catch up.

The finger prick is always the most accurate way to determine exact blood sugar level.


4.30 pm – Eden starts to feel better

4.50 pm – We are at UPS and have her pump !!! never have I been happier to see a package in my entire life!




5.10 pm – Arrive at basketball practice

Eden feeling somewhat normal. Blood sugar still on the low end for exercise

finger prick =   99   more fruit pieces.

5.25 pm – finger prick = 97   she pops a few more fruit pieces

5.30 pm –  As practice starts, I sit on the bench programming her new life saving medical device. She runs around doing drills and making 3-point shots look easy like nothing ever happened.




7.20 pm – Eden connects to her new pump and names it “Cookie” .. She has gone back to her original blue colored pump – and it has been named after the Cookie Monster 😉

8.30 pm – At home and I started to relax and think about the crazy events of the day. It’s no wonder I felt like I had been hit by a truck!

looking forward to a much less eventful rest of the week!


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