T1D Conversations …


Basketball practice immediately after school has been posing some challenges for us.


  • The first –  is that is starts just over an hour after she has her lunch. Too early to get an accurate blood sugar result if she were to do a finger prick.

Too much food still digesting – too much insulin still at work.

The good thing is that we have Dex (and D-dad and I have our Pebble watch) – which we can consult and see where her blood sugar is at any given moment.


  • The second – is that Dex is NO GOOD if you don’t consult it. or hear it’s warnings (which is very understandable in a loud gym)
  • The third  – we really had no idea how involved or active Eden was/is going to be during these practices that she is assisting with. She is not on the team – just assisting..
  • The fourth  – Eden is used to having mom on the sidelines – watching and knowing when we could have potential blood sugar issues.


Eden has been going to these on her own – which is GREAT. She needs to figure this stuff out. She can’t have me accompanying her to basketball the rest of her life. 


BUT – she has had low blood sugar issues ALL BUT ONE of the times – making me a nervous wreck. Something obviously needs to change – less insulin for her lunch would probably be a good place to start – figuring out how much less the tricky part.


Yesterday D-dad gave up his Pebble watch so that Eden could wear it to school. She does NOT like to carry the Dex on her body – which would be ideal (picking our battles here) – but she does carry it with her in a bag all day.

As you should know the Pebble vibrates your wrist alerting you to an issue – just as Dex does. You can glance down at your wrist and know exactly what the problem is and do something about it. You can also get the alerts from your phone sent to the Pebble – such as text messages ..

The text message part for me was fabulous yesterday.. Eden has her phone on silent during the day – if I send her a message, I have to hope she sees it and responds to it..

This was our conversation yesterday during basketball practice. Eden was wearing the Pebble and I was letting her do her thing until I saw the 2 arrows down starting to rear their ugly head again with 30 minutes left of practice. At first I just wanted to be sure she was paying attention to what was happening – then I started to really worry…
















Getting Eden a Pebble watch as another tool might seem like overkill – but in this instance it was an absolute blessing. She might not have felt the fast drop in her blood sugar until she could barely move. Pebble let her know what was happening and then her nagging mother ensured she was safe and doing what needed to be done.

Disaster averted. again.

Thank you Dex – Thank you Nightscout – Thank you Pebble.

Now I’m going shopping …


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