Where to go from here …. ?


Eden has had a sleepover at a friends house ONCE since diagnosis, and it really wasn’t even a “friend”. It was the little girl next door, Eden was still a fairly new diagnosis and her blood sugar levels were pretty stable.

She is a 12 year old girl –

and has had ONE sleepover in over 4.5 years.


Girls like sleepovers but Eden always misses out.

We don’t WANT her to miss out – but it has always just been too hard – too stressful – and we didn’t have the support needed from kids parents. We obviously NEED to know that she will be safe.


Nighttime can pose some of the most unpredictable blood sugar moments… and be scary. And that is when you deal with it day-in and day-out like we do. I can’t imagine how a parent might feel when they might not have even heard of Type 1 Diabetes.


Eden is a pretty even-keeled kid. VERY easy going and usually just goes with the flow. She has always understood the sleepover thing and it never really bothered her too much until just this past weekend.

She is starting to get a close-knit group of friends. Friends who are getting together more and more often – and you guessed it – having sleepovers. Last weekend Eden was invited (at 4pm that day) for a sleepover. Unfortunately we said “no”.

She was upset – VERY upset..

She said it was NOT FAIR and I have to completely agree… it wasn’t fair.

Type 1 Diabetes isn’t fair.


It just wasn’t that cut and dry – I couldn’t just drop her off at a friends house in a couple of hours, where a parent really didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. It was going to take time – and be a gradual process. Even WITH Dex and Nightscout and us being able to monitor her remotely – there is so much more to it than that.

We all agreed that we would work towards a sleepover. That meant Eden doing the right thing – monitoring herself – checking her blood sugar, treating lows appropriately and dosing insulin as needed. Those things should be pretty routine by now – but when in the presence of friends – she can be very easily distracted and doesn’t want to have to stop what she is doing for her D management.

Those basic things are the first line of importance – then comes the night time management.

Eden herself doesn’t even realize how often we set our alarms to check on her during the night. She can sleep through finger pricks, even though some nights I have to use force and strength to find a hand that is wedged under her body when sleeping. She sometimes doesn’t remember being awoken to drink a juice or eat something when low.

We decided we would try having Eden set alarms on her phone to check on herself during the night. All she needed to do was look at her Dex – if the numbers were within certain parameters she wouldn’t have to do anything. Otherwise she would need to treat accordingly.

  • First night – she didn’t set her alarms properly
  • Second night – still not set properly

(good thing d-mom and d-dad were still on the job!)


Yesterday I commented to her that she shouldn’t be expected to do that during the week anyway. She needs her sleep for school – we could try over the weekend.

Last night I set my alarm for 12am – midnight..

The usual first time that I check on her.

Turning off the alarm, I rolled back over and looked at my Pebble watch – she was 98 and steady …


hmm… a little too low for sleeping – but I decided to let it ride for a little while as she quite often rises a little on her own and re-set my alarm for 30 minutes. In the meantime – the dog came in to our room and was whining. I tried to ignore it, but got up after a few minutes to let him out potty. While up I decided I may as well check Eden’s blood sugar.

Before I headed to her room, approximately 8 minutes after my alarm went off, I glanced down at my wrist and it now said 86

I got to Eden’s end of the house and could hear her alarm blaring.

She must not have turned it off. Her phone said 12.08 – it had been alarming loudly for 8 minutes. Her radio was also playing and she was dead to the world. SOUND ASLEEP.

Finger prick = 65

oh crap


I was NOT expecting to see that. Usually if Dex is off – it is off in the opposite direction..

Go to the kitchen to grab a juice.. She is EXTREMELY hard to wake up and does not want to drink.. It takes me a good few minutes to get her to down the majority of the juice box.

How do I not stress about a sleepover when THIS happened last night?

There was NO apparent reason for her blood sugar to have dropped this low. I was very excited and celebrating at bedtime – because she was 130 and stable ..




Now she was 65 and sleeping like a ROCK – through an alarm that was blaring. At what point would a low blood sugar wake her up? WOULD it wake her up? To date – she has NEVER woken on her own with a low blood sugar. I certainly don’t want to test the theory and not treat and see what happens..

I know we have to make the sleepover thing happen.. We HAVE to find a way..

Type 1 Diabetes cannot hold her back from doing things.. but last night was a PERFECT example of WHY sleepovers worry me so much.

SO – where to go from here??


One thought on “Where to go from here …. ?

  1. I understand this as my daughter is 7, and although she hasn’t had a sleepover yet, she will I am sure. I have thought about it and am nervous. I have also had the late night drops for no reason, and I have done the late night juice with a sleep little one who will hardly wake and is yelling at me for waking her up. It is tough, but I also don’t want for her to miss out. I have no idea where to go with it either. It also is a huge worry for the other parents too, as if I put myself in that position, I would be scared to death of something happening to a child in my care.

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