Parallel Universe ..


On Saturday something VERY strange happened…

It felt like we were in a parallel universe or we were being pranked.


Eden’s blood sugars were in PERFECT range the ENTIRE overnight hours on Friday

(even after a birthday party and pizza) and almost the ENTIRE next day?!?!


  • I guess that is what happens when you are in the car for hours – are trapped together and can monitor exactly what she is eating and dosing…
  • I guess it means we are onto something with her insulin settings and I don’t need to make the changes I thought I did


We had done an experiment last week so we could try to pinpoint the issues with her spiking blood sugars at school. Eden usually makes and packs her own lunch for school and I don’t always know what she is eating. We needed to know WHY she was spiking so drastically so I wanted her to eat the same snack in the morning to see if there was a pattern. On day 3 – we were still seeing ridiculous spikes, so we switched the snack. On day 4 – different snack – same problem. Time to make some changes…


Thankfully – Being pranked on Saturday also meant that the truth came out and she is spiking so high at school because she “might” be forgetting to give herself insulin.. 


Today is Monday – it is a holiday so she is home from school and I know exactly what she has eaten.

Guess what – PERFECT – IN RANGE blood sugars.. ***


extremely frustrating but satisfying at the same time 


It is now glaringly obvious that forgetfulness is the issue… You would think it would be an ingrained habit by now.

  • test your blood sugar
  • count your carbs
  • give yourself insulin
  • THEN put the food in your mouth


When surrounded by distractions – in the classroom – with friends, it is obvious she needs some gentle reminding.. Every now and then, forgetting insulin really isn’t that big a deal and completely understandable. A habit of NOT giving insulin is a problem and something we need to nip in the bud.


Now the question…. 

  • Set an alarm reminder on her pump? 
  • Set an alarm on her phone?
  • Set an alarm on her new Pebble watch?
  • Text her a reminder?  that she will now SEE on her watch and not miss because her phone is on silent?


I really don’t want to be that nagging mother – but I’m pretty sure, that the lack of giving herself insulin – or giving it to herself 30 minutes later (after she remembers that she forgot) is probably contributing to the LOWS she is consistently having in the afternoons at basketball practice…

Decision made – Alarm on Pebble

Need to tackle one issue at a time and I believe this is the place to start..



Eden just had friends come over – her blood sugar has been PERFECT all day. I notice it rising, rising and rising…

I find her, in her bedroom – eating a stash of chocolate rocks from Christmas with her friends (that I didn’t even know she had). I question her and she DID NOT give herself insulin…. ?! Wearing her Pebble – getting the same warning vibrations I am getting – but still too distracted to give herself insulin. Obviously the above plan will ONLY work when eating at planned, scheduled times. OMG – these teen years are going to send me crazy – shoot me now …  😩



** Also, for those of you that were curious – Eden’s Pebble watch arrived and was set up just in time for her to attend a birthday party on her own Friday night. (as posted on the Facebook Page) I had to step in and contact her a few times because her blood sugar was dropping rapidly and I wanted to be sure she was paying attention. I knew she was running around and exercising and it could become a problem quickly. She handled herself well and we even celebrated a “perfect” 100 together when we pulled in the garage after the party 💯


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