I guess we will see …

So all of you who read regularly know that basketball is a huge part of our lives.

Eden lives and breathes basketball 🏀❤️


Over the years she has had many different coaches – this always makes it difficult for me as to whether or not to even bring up the big “D” word. Some of them have been basically kids themselves – and I didn’t feel the need to put that on their shoulders – especially since I am always there.


They would see her test her blood sugar – some would question Eden – some wouldn’t.

I just learned fairly recently that Eden told one of them a few years ago that she had diabetes – but not the “fat kind”. 

out of the mouths of babes – hey – at least she told him 😳


anyway – the coach of her current team has known Eden for many years. He has worked on and off with her but not necessarily on a consistent basis. He knows she has Type 1 Diabetes – he recently joined and supported us when we were doing the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in October. He actually missed a tournament game to support our family.. 💙


Last night was the first time he actually noticed that Eden has not “right”. She had missed practice on Monday night – something we NEVER do. If there is practice – we are pretty much ALWAYS there, and then some.. Missing practice was D related and he knew that so maybe it was on his radar? He was actually concerned enough to ask Eden if she was OK and to call out to me during practice to make sure she was alright.


She was – but she wasn’t.

Her blood sugar was high – very high.


  • she was moving in slow motion
  • she had a dazed look on her face
  • she was not reacting to the ball or following instructions well
  • she totally airballed a 3 pointer


After practice he called me – he reached out and I was so thankful.

He wanted to know and understand more so he could help.

To know that there will be another set of eyes watching out – helping Eden to put her health first is going to be a wonderful thing.


There is SO much to know and learn – what to say when you have to start at the beginning? 


this was my attempt

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.49.56 PM



Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t and shouldn’t limit Eden – but it DOES very clearly affect her ability to perform at the best of her ability when her blood sugars are out of whack. Unfortunately that is more often than not lately. Even more unfortunately is the fact that Eden THINKS she is totally fine when she clearly is NOT.


I’m hoping the fact coach noticed – means that she will WANT to take more care and responsibility.

Diabetes or not – poor performace will see more bench time and less court time. 💔🏀

you would think that would be a pretty big motivator..


I guess we will see





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