But I know… 


My desire to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes is fueled by a number of factors

  • to foster understanding about a disease that our family lives with
  • to help break stereotypes about “diabetes”
  • to tell our story and help others who may be in a similar situation and living with the same feelings
  • to educate the non-D world about the seriousness and what T1D is
  • to help raise funds for a cure and explain WHY a cure is needed


a CURE is so desperately needed –

not only for my child and the others already living with this disease

but for those that may be diagnosed today or next week or next year.


Type 1 Diabetes CANNOT be prevented

Undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes can KILL


Heck – diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes can and does kill

it is a roller coaster disease that can change rapidly from one minute to the next.


It is SERIOUS and it is about time that the world takes notice.


Today my heart is breaking for a family whose 5 year old daughter was just diagnosed.

My heart breaks not only because of the life they have ahead of them living with T1D – but because she may not even HAVE that life.

This little girl is on the brink of death because the Type 1 Diagnosis was made possibly too late

The life that this family previously knew has been changed forever.



Right now – they need a miracle

Right now – they just want their child to SURVIVE


They probably aren’t even thinking past her immediate needs and what a life with Type 1 Diabetes will entail.

Doctors are just fighting to KEEP HER ALIVE.


But I know –

the T1D community knows – and I know I am not alone today in my feeling of heartbreak for this family.


EVERYONE needs to know the symptoms

EVERYONE needs to advocate and fight for their child

NO ONE knows your child better than you do.

If you think there is something more going on than the “flu” – speak up.



In this day and age I DO NOT understand why it is not common practice for a child (or anyone for that matter) to have their blood sugar tested when they present with flu like symptoms. It is so simple and can save the unimaginable heartbreak of being on the brink of death.


Today – I fight for awareness for Kycie 💙

This family may not know that when Kycie pulls through she is going to start a new life – the T1D life – a sometimes heartbreaking battle that they will all face together for the rest of her life.


But I know

I know


and we will all be here for you


this madness needs to stop – we need a cure…

we need a cure NOW


8 thoughts on “But I know… 

  1. I’ve been following this story too and my son was diagnosed in very similar circumstances. I am blessed he is still here and we are 15 months into his diagnosis. My heart is shattered for this family, as I sit and pray multiple times a day for them. As a mother to a 2.5 year old Type 1 who was diagnosed at 17-months after being misdiagnosed at first and thrust into severe DKA, I am angry at the medical field who would ignorantly misdiagnose a child. I am hopeful for a positive end to this tragedy and pray daily for that to be truth. Thank you for your post and for raising awareness.

    • such a tragic circumstance.. it fills my thoughts all day – I just can’t even imagine. We were lucky with my daughter as I knew the symptoms – another reason I am so adament about spreading awareness because stories like this just hit way to close to home wondering what “could have been” if I wasn’t aware.. I’m sorry about your son and too am at a loss to explain HOW this keeps happening…

  2. so so sad… My little guy was 4 when diagnosed. My husband and I were both in the medical field and knew the s/s so caught it quite early. I was an EMT for many decades and can’t tell you how many times I was the one to take the bg in the field or ED that caught a sugar problem. Most health care providers just don’t think “diabetes” — I don’t know why but they don’t — maybe because type two is pushed so much in medical and nursing school? Anyways – you are spot on – parents HAVE to learn the s/s so they can watch out for their babies.

    • incredibly sad when this sort of outcome could have been prevented.. It should be common place to test blood sugar – but sadly, I think you are right – it isn’t even on the radar of medical professionals. glad you caught your boys diagnosis early- we did too!

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  4. I agree that a finger stick blood test could prevent this sort of thing. My daughter’s doctor also told me she had the flu (actually his office staff did over the phone without even seeing her) and he could see her “next week”. My “gut” told me it was something more, and we took her to an emergency care center. Straight to the ER where they said in another day she would have been in a coma. We were lucky and had a good outcome after 6 days in the ICU. WE ALL KNOW OUR CHILDREN BETTER THAN ANYONE!!!! Now, when one of us feels “under the weather” a simple test with my daughter’s meter is all we need for peace of mind. Such a simple test. Thank you for raising awareness.

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