Images of the past..


this has been an overly emotional and draining week..

Some days it is hard to pull myself away from the computer and I get obsessed with reading every single thing related to Type 1 Diabetes I can get my eyes on.


This week – the majority of it was heart break… 💔


I read of 2 recent deaths related to T1D and of course about Kycie – the young girl who is currently fighting for her life.


Emotion can be a good and a bad thing

it can hold you back or drive you forward


Kycie has given me the drive this week to do more – to WANT to do more to educate, educate, educate..

not that I haven’t been trying – that is what this Blog is all about..


this time – it hit SO CLOSE to home – it truly hurts


I have HEARD stories like Kycie’s countless times

– but this time there was a face to it

– there was a family to it

– and a story to follow


It angered me – it of course saddened me – but it also enabled me to speak from emotion


My daughter Eden could have very easily been Kycie. 

that is a scary thought and it brings the days of her diagnosis flooding back to memory.

  • images of her looking so frail and sick – begging me for water
  • images of me sleeping next to her the night before I took her to the ER
  • images of a scared child in the ER getting poked and prodded and refusing to give a urine sample
  • the nurses giving me a silent nod of “yes” when I asked them if she had diabetes
  • trying to remain strong but my heart breaking on the inside


I KNEW the symptoms

– but I had NO IDEA what a life with T1D meant 

I KNEW the symptoms and saved Eden and our family from unimaginable heartbreak

– but I had a lot of learning left to do


every single day – I am so grateful that I knew what to look for

so many parents blame themselves when a diagnosis isn’t made quickly – that they should have known…

the thing is – people don’t know that they NEED to know..


Parents aren’t cautioned about the symptoms

Medical professionals don’t even seem to have it on their radar


It is going to be families like Kycie’s and ours and others in the Type 1 Diabetes community that KNOW first hand how important it is to help make a difference. People who have been touched or outraged or shocked in some way about what they have learned about the “real” truths of Type 1 Diabetes.


It needs to be on everyone’s radar

It needs to be something that doctors check for routinely.

It shouldn’t have to come to children being on the brink of death for people to take notice.


Please sign this petition – do your part to help..


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.52.20 PM


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