She should…


The last few weeks have been kinda crazy around here…

Basketball season is well and truly in full swing – meaning that pretty much every single afternoon / evening / weekend is filled with basketball of some sort.. ❤️🏀

What does that mean..?

Well in Type 1 Diabetes land it means unpredictable and increasingly HARD to manage blood sugars.

more worry and less sleep for us D-parents


You should all know by now that LOW blood sugars are and can be extremely dangerous if not treated promptly.

Some days all it takes is a little boost of sugar to raise Eden’s blood sugar to a safe level. Other days it takes a LOT and I mean a LOT of sugar to raise her blood sugar and keep it there without falling again.

Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes is a weird beast.


A lot of exercise causes a cumulative and delayed low reaction.. We don’t know WHEN this might happen although through experience we have gained a fair bit of knowledge on how Eden’s body USUALLY reacts.


We had quite a few challenges to face this past weekend.

Eden had SEVEN basketball games within 2 days  – FIVE games in one day


That is a LOT of exercise and it requires us all to be on our toes, thinking about D the entire time..

Something we DID NOT expect was for Eden’s blood sugar to crash seemingly for NO REASON – just before her FIRST game.

It started gradually – then she started dropping at a faster and faster rate during pre-game warm ups – with double arrows down showing on our wrists thanks to Dexcom and Nightscout. (something we would never have known without Dex)

We yelled out for her to EAT – she still had a LOT of active insulin working in her body from the breakfast she ate just before we left the house. She didn’t test her blood sugar – just grabbed a handful of fruit pieces, gave us a thumbs up and ran back onto the court.

Her blood sugar continued to drop over the next 10 minutes – we yell for her to EAT again

At this point – D-dad and I think that she may have wrapped the sensor on her arm too tightly – compression of the Dexcom sensor can cause FALSE low readings.. It made sense – she started dropping right after she wrapped her arm for the game.


We relax a little bit and signal for her to test her blood sugar before she takes the court.

What she tells us sends D-dad and I into complete PANIC MODE.

Her blood sugar was 60


LOW – DANGEROUSLY LOW – to be exercising – and that low after already consuming a lot of sugar ?!?!

Even LOWER than what we were seeing on our wrists – HOLY CRAP – I check her pump and see she still has TOO MUCH insulin active to consider it safe to take the court.


Before we can even react – she is on the court ready for tip off. The game starts.

D-dad and I are a barrel of nerves – watching her – watching our wrists



Thankfully we have a time out within the first few minutes – we signal for her to EAT MORE

Back to the game – she air balls 3 shots – NOT usual for her – she is NOT playing like herself and D-dad and I are worried..


D-dad starts to get up from the bleachers to have coach pull her from the game. Something we have never done – but were worried enough to contemplate doing it.

We decide to hold off as she continues to give us the thumbs up that she is OK. When blood sugars are moving so quickly – it can take Dex up to 20 minutes to catch up to real time blood sugar levels and display accurate numbers. She has had a sh*tload of fast acting carbs so I give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she is in tune with her body.

End of the 1st Quarter – she tests her blood sugar and it is headed UP – Phew – finally headed in the right direction. Back to the court and Eden playing much more like herself. That helps us to relax and enjoy the remainder of the game and even teach some of the parents on the bench a little bit about Type 1 Diabetes.

The best comment – “Eden has Diabetes?” – “We had no idea.”

Eden has gained a lot of respect over the years for her basketball skills. From parents, coaches and players alike. It has taken some time – but she has earned it.

  • A GIRL – playing on the top boys team in her age group.
  • A GIRL – who happens to be the leading scorer for her team for the last 2 tournaments.
  • A GIRL – whose nickname is “The Dagger” because she nails 3-point shots in critical moments of the game.
  • A GIRL – who referees come up to after the game asking her name
  • A GIRL – who happens to have Type 1 Diabetes


We have to plan and account for T1D in every decision we make – especially related to basketball.

Sometimes plans just don’t work out and you have to go with the flow – hoping that T1D cooperates so that the show can go on.

Playing SO MANY basketball games this past weekend was a HUGE undertaking and challenge. 

Much more than anyone could possibly understand unless they lived the T1D life.


Not only does Eden battle the physical tiredness of being so active – but we deal with the emotional exhaustion from constantly being “on” and trying to be one step ahead of D.

I don’t necessarily want all of Eden’s team mates or the parents to know she has T1D – but seriously – it just makes her all that more badass on the basketball court because not only does she play her heart out each and every game – she literally juggles her life.

Type 1 Diabetes may constantly have us on the edge of our seats and dealing with it become our normal, but every time I pause and think about it. REALLY think about what T1D life entails and the struggles it poses – I think that the world should know.


I wonder what they would all think if they knew just what it takes to keep her alive

Would she get a whole new level of respect?

She should… 

She is an amazing kid – basketball player – fighter – T1D warrior  – with so much strength and resilience

Because T1D life is not easy – Basketball with T1D is not easy – Eden just makes it look easy 


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