My human guinea pig …

We had our Endo (specialist doctor) appointment on Tuesday – a day that we really do not look forward to.

I went into the appointment with a list of questions, comments and concerns – MANY more than usual – and the fear that I would let my frayed emotions get the better of me.

We have had SO MANY issues with T1D lately and it has been ridiculously, frustratingly, HARD. I hate the feeling of trying to explain how/why Eden’s blood sugars have been so high and whacked out. Thankfully her Dr. is amazing, kind and incredibly supportive and encouraging.


The thing is, I’m kind of off the hook.

I can only do so much with her D care and management and SHE needs to do the rest. 

BUT, I’m kind of also ON the hook too because I’m her parent and it’s my job to ensure she is safe and healthy. 


Eden is not at the point of being able to completely self-manage. Among other things, I keep track of site change days, insulin levels in her pump, CGM sensor changes and inserting the devices into her body. Eden does not make any changes to the insulin dosages that are programmed into her pump either.

I do that. 

The only way to do that is to track trends and consistently ask questions of Eden to determine whether changes might even need to be made. Increasing the amount of insulin Eden gets is not a thing to mess around with – I take it very seriously and do my darndest to fine tune things to the best of my ability.

Eden gets a steady stream of insulin (called basal insulin) 24hours a day – as well as needing insulin for meals or high blood sugar (those rates vary too). Her basal insulin requirements vary dramatically depending upon the time of day. Currently she has NINE basal rate settings programmed into her pump that I tweak up/down and change the time around. An hour here or there makes a difference – and getting those settings just right is a near impossible feat lately.


The only true way to test whether Eden is getting the correct amount of basal insulin is to do basal rate testing – which requires her NOT to eat or exercise – so we can see if her blood sugar rates remain steady over whatever period of time we are analyzing. For the past 4 days we have not allowed Eden to have a snack in the morning at school so I can get a better idea of what is happening with her blood sugars. Thank goodness I can monitor from afar with the use of Dex and Nightscout – or she would be needing to test her blood sugar every 30-60 minutes.

The gradual changes I made over the last few weeks have not been working. The doctor helped with some suggestions which I applied but they still weren’t making ANY difference. This morning, being completely fed up, I decided to go super aggressive on the changes and told Eden ONE more day of no snack..


Well – that didn’t work..

Eden’s blood sugar went low at the tail end of PE today (hopefully not from my changes) so she needed to treat herself with some fast acting sugar. PE is another story all together – never the same level of exercise 2 days in a row – so very hard to manage.



I watched from a distance as her blood sugar slowly crept from low, to in-range and then higher and higher and higher, into crazy high ONCE AGAIN.


I now have no idea whether she over treated the low and that contributed to the rising blood sugar levels or my aggressive basal rate changes were NO WHERE near aggressive enough??

The reality – my poor kid is really nothing short of my human guinea pig.

Every day we are taking our best guess with the information we have and giving her medication that can kill her based on those guesses…

no snack again tomorrow for my girl as we try to figure out the mystery and exactly WHICH basal rate I need to change by a little or a lot.. pretty sure we need an overhaul for other settings too – but basal rates is the place to start.

Type 1 Diabetes seriously has a mind of it’s own – it makes absolutely NO SENSE some days and changes the rules whenever the heck it wants to. There is ALWAYS something to keep us on our toes – D never rests and lately seems to be getting the last laugh.




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