the good, the bad and the ugly..


In the D world – it pretty much all boils down to blood sugar numbers


good = in range 

bad = low

ugly = way high 


On the Dex graph


white – in range – you are AWESOME !

yellow – HIGH – warning, warning – need insulin!

red – LOW – danger! need sugar NOW!


we have certainly had our fair share of ALL of the above lately

I have tweaked and tweaked insulin settings and gotten them to be pretty darn good at certain times of the day.


problem is – that was for a “normal” day

but what the heck is normal anyway? in this case  – a non-school, spring break kinda day.


In the D world – even if you kept the exact same schedule and ate the exact same foods every day for a week you would get different results..

now that we are in the second week of our back to school routine it appears my tweaking may have gone a little too far




– or she exerted herself more than usual in PE today

– or had a smaller mid-morning snack

– or the 6 basketball games and 2.5hrs of clinic over the weekend finally caught up with her

– or the sky is blue 😉


oh – but on the plus side – I was a big girl D-mom and resisted the GIANT torturous urge to call the school as I watched her redline it during the school day.. letting her take control and do her thing.



she survived.

I survived.

but I’m ready for a glass of wine…


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