Extra, Extra – read all about it ….


I have some VERY EXCITING news to report!

Eden is a MIRACLE…

Or at least that is what I was told today


I have heard some CRAZY things over the past 5 years in relation to D.. People seem obliged to tell you about their uncle who lost their legs or grandma who died or whoever that exercised and no longer has Diabetes..


Today’s claim took the cake..


Eden is participating in a week long basketball camp. Many of the coaches are used to the fact that I stick around all day to help monitor Eden and manage her D care. VERY few parents stick around all day – and the ones that do are watching little ones.

Do I care – not really – I do what I have to do in order to keep Eden safe and healthy.

Today there was one mother who saw me run up to Eden and grab her insulin pump. She asked me if she was my daughter, what it was and a conversation was started.

The VERY FIRST thing she said to me when I explained Eden had Type 1 Diabetes was –


“Have you considered minerals?”

My first thought – Oh, boy – here we go..


I went on to explain a little about T1D, that is was actually an auto immune disease and unfortunately minerals were NOT going to help Eden’s diabetes go away. I explained how hard it was to manage on a daily basis, that exercise made it even harder to manage that was why I was there and that I was actually wearing a watch that enabled me to view her blood sugar levels.. I showed her the watch and at the time Eden’s blood sugar was 345 – she looked at me and said “That is very HIGH” – so she clearly had some concept about blood sugar levels..

Yup – in the next sentence she said she was borderline Diabetic and has been using alternative therapy and minerals that were helping her and we should really try it.


I was trying SO HARD to resist the urge to walk away but continued to educate her on the facts of T1D.

She then asked me if I was spiritual ..

After a few more minutes of conversation she asked me Eden’s name and said that Eden was a miracle.

She continued on to say that she was very spiritual and she knew that Eden was a MIRACLE, was going to wake up, be completely cured and that documentaries will be filmed about her.


I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry..

I’m pretty sure if I stuck around she would have been trying to sell me her miracle cure..

Sometimes you can educate, educate, educate and you are just wasting your breath…

I tried, I really did – but some people just don’t want to know..


2 thoughts on “Extra, Extra – read all about it ….

  1. Good job trying to educate. It is very frustrating and tiring. I also have had many times when I try to explain the difference, and still I am not heard. Very frustrating, and creates such a feeling of isolation. I admire you for your perseverance!

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