Blue for me – Blue for you…


My mission is obviously, and clearly to spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes..


how it impacts our lives – share our truth living with this disease.

warn of the symptoms to eliminate misdiagnosis and tragedy.

help people understand why a cure is needed for us and so many others and to EDUCATE


As we did last year – we have “gone BLUE” to help raise awareness for Type 1 during National Diabetes Awareness Month..



love blue hair



It is such a fun and simple concept that draws attention to the disease and has people asking questions..

WE WANT the questions – because then we can give the answers ..




ANYONE can join in to help raise awareness… almost everyone knows that in October everything turns pink for breast cancer.. We support the ones we know and love that are living with it – beaten it or lost their lives to it..


Lets all join together to let everyone know that in NOVEMBER – we turn BLUE for Diabetes..

Pretty much everyone knows SOMEONE who has been or is affected by Diabetes..


We specifically choose to educate about Type 1 because we live it 

But ALL types of Diabetes need awareness – most of the public doesn’t even realize that there ARE different types.. It takes everyone coming together to change that!



if you aren’t brave enough to color your hair – paint your nails!

change your profile picture on social media

wear blue – wear a Diabetes Awareness shirt designed by us

share a blog post, facebook post or whatever…. but please do something!



PicMonkey Collage




The incidence of Diabetes is on the rise – if you don’t personally know anyone affected right now

– chances are you probably will in the future..

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

November 14th – is WORLD Diabetes Day ..


If you don’t go Blue for me – go Blue for you!







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