Blue for me – Blue for you…


My mission is obviously, and clearly to spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes..


how it impacts our lives – share our truth living with this disease.

warn of the symptoms to eliminate misdiagnosis and tragedy.

help people understand why a cure is needed for us and so many others and to EDUCATE


As we did last year – we have “gone BLUE” to help raise awareness for Type 1 during National Diabetes Awareness Month..



love blue hair



It is such a fun and simple concept that draws attention to the disease and has people asking questions..

WE WANT the questions – because then we can give the answers ..




ANYONE can join in to help raise awareness… almost everyone knows that in October everything turns pink for breast cancer.. We support the ones we know and love that are living with it – beaten it or lost their lives to it..


Lets all join together to let everyone know that in NOVEMBER – we turn BLUE for Diabetes..

Pretty much everyone knows SOMEONE who has been or is affected by Diabetes..


We specifically choose to educate about Type 1 because we live it 

But ALL types of Diabetes need awareness – most of the public doesn’t even realize that there ARE different types.. It takes everyone coming together to change that!



if you aren’t brave enough to color your hair – paint your nails!

change your profile picture on social media

wear blue – wear a Diabetes Awareness shirt designed by us

share a blog post, facebook post or whatever…. but please do something!



PicMonkey Collage




The incidence of Diabetes is on the rise – if you don’t personally know anyone affected right now

– chances are you probably will in the future..

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

November 14th – is WORLD Diabetes Day ..


If you don’t go Blue for me – go Blue for you!







OUR turn in the Spotlight


No one thinks it will happen to them..


No one expects their child to be diagnosed with a life threatening, incurable chronic disease.


but it can happen and it does ..

It happened to us – without warning and we now live a completely different life than we ever thought we would.


one with endless needles, carb counting, blood sugar monitoring and insulin

one with stereotyping, ignorance, bullying, finger pointing and stigma


November is our turn in the spotlight.

Our month to raise awareness for Diabetes

and to educate the world.


To show the public what the realities of Type 1 Diabetes really are.

Our chance to be seen and heard on a large scale and help stop the daily bullying the T1D community receives.


THIS is what Type 1 Diabetes looks like ..


making sense out of nonsense

Type 1 Diabetes some days makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever…


yet – we try to make sense of it anyway – try to put the puzzle pieces together and make good decisions with the information we have..


SO MANY things done throughout Eden’s day require a decision – either from her – or from me – in relation to her D management…


Eden is of course on the front lines and I am watching from the sidelines – she doesn’t look at the big picture – she often doesn’t even always look at the immediate future or implications that her decisions are making..


We have had a VERY ROUGH few days .. unexplained highs, unexplained lows and pretty much a huge roller coaster of blood sugars that just do not want to be managed… her lows have required copius amounts of sugar to bring her up and treating the highs have just brought her crashing back down…


24 hour time period of blood sugar craziness


It has been very hard to know exactly what to do… The thing is we can do the same thing every day and never get the same result so it is VERY difficult. Trying to teach her, give input and instruction based on previous experiences is ongoing and an every day thing and she doesn’t always want to hear it. Eden is impulsive and quick to push buttons without thinking it through.. and sometimes pushing those buttons (ie: giving herself insulin) can have HUGE consequences…


case and point – this happened this morning.. 


5.57 am – D-dad was up and tested her just before my alarm went off at 6am.

  • BLOOD SUGAR – 89
  • YAY – pretty darn good!


I got up and was about to jump in the shower when I noticed on my Pebble that her blood sugar was dropping.. I watched and waited a few minutes before heading to her room.



  • BLOOD SUGAR – 61
  • grab some fruit pieces – have her eat them and try to get her up for the day





  • try for the 4th time to get her out of bed – tell her she needs to test again BEFORE she gets in the shower
  • BLOOD SUGAR – 189




SAY WHAT ?!?!?!


Now EXPERIENCE and thinking about that number – I KNOW that it is very unlikely that her blood sugar jumped that much in 27 minutes.. I ask her to WASH HER HANDS and re-test..


She argues with me –  and yells at me ” MOM – I am not low !!! … ”

I stand my ground and she washes her hands and re-tests…



  • BLOOD SUGAR – 48
  • yup … just what I thought…






This is not about WHO was right – Because we have to make sense out of nonsense so often and because I was paying close attention – I KNEW that 189 just could not be right..

It also goes to show that this oversight could have had a TERRIBLE OUTCOME..



A blood sugar of 48 is pretty darn LOW…

  • She did NOT feel low… 
  • She was about to give herself insulin…
  • She was about to go jump in the shower…
  • Hot water speeds up the rate of adsorption …




If I was not standing RIGHT THERE and she gave herself insulin (by the quick press of a button) when she was actually only 48 – and THEN jumped in the shower ?!?! The fact her blood sugar was still dropping – she would have been in trouble FAST and more than likely started to pass out in the shower.. HOLY MOLY – this is the stuff my nightmares are made of…



Insulin gives her life every single day –

but it could also take it away in the blink of an eye..



the life we live is NOT a joke…

Beware – there is a slight rant ahead … ok, maybe a long one… 😜


I am







Earlier today I saw an oooey gooey cookie lasagne recipe on my news feed…

the second comment was in relation to “diabetes” on a plate..

I decided to scroll through and count the comments people posted about diabetes and stopped counting at 33 .. I saw THIRTY THREE comments in less than 30 seconds that made some mention of getting diabetes in relation to eating the cookie lasagne creation…

THIS is the stereotyping we are up against.. 
THIS is why Type 1 Diabetes is so misunderstood and the public doesn’t understand how serious of a disease it is….

This is why our kids face stereotyping day in and day out. why people question “should you be eating that?” exactly why people are shameful about taking care of their diabetes in public – type 1 OR type 2 …

Because “Diabetes” is treated like one big JOKE.. Diabetes is not a joke – whether type 1 OR type 2.. It has serious health implications and the shaming really needs to stop..

it is a DISEASE that KILLS people on a DAILY BASIS..


I will NEVER understand why something that causes

heart disease – kidney failure – blindness,  amputations and DEATH

is FUNNY..


The main cause of my blog is to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes… Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that has ZERO ZERO ZERO to do with an unhealthy lifestyle or eating an ooey gooey cookie lasagne.. In FACT – we don’t want to stop Eden from being able to enjoy treats such as these – she is a kid and we don’t want her to be made to feel any different that she already is..


BUT – the fact is – NOT ALL TYPE 2 Diabetics can reverse their diabetes or GOT IT from eating too much sugar either?


Am I steaming MAD ?

You bet…. today, I am just over it.. I’m sure there are many of you who might think I need to take a chill pill and relax – it’s “just a joke” .. well, that “joke” can KILL MY CHILD.. that “joke” means that people don’t take the disease seriously.. means that people brush it off as no big deal, means that they don’t donate for research


diabetes kills


just for a moment – lets compare breast cancer and diabetes – just because they are on the graphic together above..

I guarantee most of us have been touched in our lives from someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer – survived it – or died from it. Did you support that person – donate $$ to the cause – wish for a cure??


Did you laugh about their diagnosis??

my bet – NO

Because the world understands that cancer is no laughing matter – yet DIABETES as a whole, KILLS MORE PEOPLE EVERY YEAR – and diabetics are LAUGHED AT


The life we live every single day

is NOT A JOKE and is NOT FUNNY..


Everyone really needs to band together and start correcting people who are Diabetes shaming – IT IS BULLYING and it is NOT FUNNY…


There are so many anti-bullying movements out there.. maybe the DOC should raise their voices and start one for people with Diabetes?




no rhyme. no reason. T1D life.

let me preface this post by saying…


this is not a poor me sob story… just telling it like it is.

this is the life we live dealing with this disease. it is meant to educate the public on the Type 1 Diabetes life. 

this is what people don’t see or understand. 

maybe if more people see it – they will realize just why we so desperately need and want a cure. yesterday.


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what if….?? EMERGENCY strikes


As parents we pretty much always see worst case scenarios flash through our brains and try to eliminate disaster before it strikes…

It’s engrained in our thinking to protect our children – from anything and anyone who could cause them harm.

We pad edges of coffee tables and fireplace hearths, we puts gates on stairs, child locks on drawers and toilet seats when they are young… you name it we want to do anything and everything in our power to protect our children from an accident or god forbid worse…

As they get older – they get warnings when rough housing that “someone is going to get hurt” – we want to protect them from cyberbullies, we check ingredients, buy organic, wear mouth guards to protect their teeth – you name it…


We do what we can to protect them, shield them, prepare them to make smart choices, advocate for themselves, for their friends and be good members of society… 


D parents need to go so much further than that ..

We need to teach our children to keep themselves ALIVE, healthy and thriving..

We have to educate our children – teachers, coaches, family and friends…


We teach our kids about blood sugar numbers, high / low symptoms and how to treat them – how to calculate insulin dosages and inject themselves with it. How to adjust for exercise or stress and to carry supplies with them anywhere and everywhere they go – because WHAT IF ?? 

We HAVE to be PREPARED for the worst case scenario because it can and does happen…. Type 1 Diabetes is unpredictable – but you know what – SO IS LIFE….  You never know when an emergency might strike such as a HARD LOCKDOWN at school… meaning your kid is stranded where they are with zero communication and only what they have with them to survive.. 

Today the D community got a wake up call … I got a wake up call… unfortunately this is the day and age we live in – it happens and it is ONE MORE THING we need to be prepared for.. that I need to prepare Eden for just in case…

Here is the story as it unfolded, that I have been given permission from the mother to share – I am so grateful that everything turned out OK and I am sharing in an effort to help further educate .. A lockdown can turn into a very dangerous situation for our D kids – and it isn’t just because there is a crazy maniac on the loose…

This story will protect and save lives in the future – and I will be having Eden carry glucagon with her from here on out.


Initial post in T1D Support group this morning....
Initial post in T1D Support group this morning…. HUNDREDS of us were waiting, offering support and watching for updates… 





another D mom posted this picture as a piece of advice for other parents..

what is it? you might ask…

starburst – starburst, taped to the bottom of a desk in case of a hard lockdown during school hours..

Eden has supplies in every classroom – but it never dawned on me that she might be stuck UNDER her desk unable to move for hours on end in a hard lockdown scenario…




HOURS LATER we get this update…. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.56.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.56.48 PM



Our school medical plan states that in an emergency situation Eden will be taken care of… In a HARD LOCKDOWN this cannot happen…..

Her 12 year old son is clearly a CRAZY AMAZING KID …… and his parents deserve major kudos too… they were PREPARED – they PREPARED HIM –  and the most impressive thing – he was only diagnosed 7 months ago…



Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.57.12 PM



fighting to live – literally…


Last night is a night I won’t forget for a while..

A very typical Sunday night for us. A busy weekend of basketball tournaments followed by 2.5 hrs of skills clinic in the evening.

It was a GREAT weekend of basketball – we were all pretty happy and maybe a little bit too cocky – telling D to “take that!

WOOHOO – Way to go Teams!


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.52.07 PM


Yeah – guess D didn’t like that very much… 😔

6 games of basketball in 2 days is a LOT of hard work and exercise for anyone – let alone trying to manage Type 1 Diabetes and the effect it has on Eden’s body.


But we do it – and we do it often

Because she LOVES basketball and T1D shouldn’t stop her from doing ANYTHING…


4 of the games were on Saturday – 3 were back to back – with little to zero break in between games – I brought extra sugar thinking her blood sugar would run low – but of course adrenaline took care of that and she ran high all afternoon..

Totally expecting a crash on Saturday night – I changed basal rates so she would get less insulin before going to bed and she ate a late night snack with ZERO insulin to help keep her blood sugar up and stable..

Well, the crash never happened on Saturday night as expected??? 

In fact, her blood sugar remained high and never dropped below 200 – waking up high on Sunday too..

I was too over cautious every time I checked on her overnight to give her extra insulin because I was SURE the crash was coming..

but it didn’t….

Until LAST night…

Her Dex transmitter came out of her arm right before we were leaving the house for her evening basketball clinic. I INSISTED that we re-insert before we left because it takes 2 full hours to “warm up” and calibrate – so we are completely blind to what her blood sugars are doing for 2 hours (except by doing a finger prick)

testing during clinic and she was great – perfectly in range..

After practice – as usual – her blood sugar was high due to adrenaline

Eden was going to eat something when she got home – so gave herself insulin and was going to come home, eat and not dose for the food she ate.


great plan – but it didn’t really work out..




You can see where she tested and calibrated (2 red dots) in the car on the way home from basketball clinic..

She came down slowly and then I could tell she was starting to tank at 9.15pm right before she went to bed..

She had a juice – I turned down the basal rates to limit how much insulin she would get for the next 2 hours and waited..

That wait literally turned into all night long as her blood sugar refused to rise


Every time I tried to wake her to eat or drink something she became more and more combative. 😢


She was flailing arms, screaming at me and telling me to go away, clenching her mouth shut and down right REFUSING to eat or drink.. She was not herself – she was not fully awake, had her eyes closed the entire time and has never behaved this way and to this extent before

It went on for hours…… and hours and hours…

She would take a little juice here and little glucose gel there but it was NOT easy – she wanted NOTHING to do with it..

Her blood sugar would start to rise and then slam right back down again..



I was absolutely beside myself.. scared, mad, exhausted and about ready to scream for D-dad to forcibly hold her down so we could get sugar into her mouth..

I had the Glucagon film reel playing in my head – ready to use it – thinking there might be no other option

At about 1.30am it looked like I could finally go to bed and close my eyes – I set my alarm for 2 hours later and woke up to her being in the RED zone AGAIN…




We have had MANY very stubborn low blood sugars lately and I have NO IDEA why… nothing has changed and I have lowered her overnight insulin rates.

This is part of Type 1 Diabetes that people DO NOT SEE… DO NOT UNDERSTAND..

It is so scary and dangerous.. I was literally fighting with Eden to keep her alive last night..

She slept though every single beeping alarm of her Dexcom to warn her – if she had started to crash after I had gone to sleep – I wouldn’t have checked on her for 2 hours… that could have been 2 hours TOO LATE…

Eden woke up tired, with her blood sugar in range and with absolutely NO RECOLLECTION of what had transpired and went to school just like it was any other day.. looking and acting perfectly healthy and normal

The Type 1 Diabetic life is beyond normal – but it is OUR normal