the life we live is NOT a joke…

Beware – there is a slight rant ahead … ok, maybe a long one… ūüėú


I am







Earlier today¬†I saw an oooey gooey cookie lasagne recipe on my news feed…

the second comment was in relation to “diabetes” on a plate..

I decided to scroll through and count the comments people posted about diabetes and stopped counting at 33 .. I saw THIRTY THREE comments in less than 30 seconds that made some mention of getting diabetes in relation to eating the cookie lasagne creation…

THIS is the stereotyping we are up against.. 
THIS is why Type 1 Diabetes is so misunderstood and the public doesn’t understand how serious of a disease it is….

This is why our kids face stereotyping day in and day out. why people question “should you be eating that?” exactly why people are shameful about taking care of their diabetes in public – type 1 OR type 2 …

Because “Diabetes” is treated like one big JOKE.. Diabetes is not a joke – whether type 1 OR type 2.. It has serious health implications and the shaming really needs to stop..

it is a DISEASE that KILLS people on a DAILY BASIS..


I will NEVER understand why something that causes

heart disease Рkidney failure Рblindness,  amputations and DEATH

is FUNNY..


The main cause of my blog is to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes… Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that has ZERO ZERO ZERO to do with an unhealthy lifestyle or eating an ooey gooey cookie lasagne.. In FACT – we don’t want to stop Eden from being able to enjoy treats such as these – she is a kid and we don’t want her to be made to feel any different that she already is..


BUT – the fact is – NOT ALL TYPE 2 Diabetics can reverse their diabetes or GOT IT from eating too much sugar either?


Am I steaming MAD ?

You bet…. today, I am just over it.. I’m sure there are many of you who might think I need to take a chill pill and relax – it’s “just a joke” .. well, that “joke” can KILL MY CHILD.. that “joke” means that people don’t take the disease seriously.. means that people brush it off as no big deal, means that they don’t donate for research


diabetes kills


just for a moment – lets compare breast cancer and diabetes – just because they are on the graphic together above..

I guarantee most of us have been touched in our lives from someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer – survived it – or died from it. Did you support that person – donate $$ to the cause – wish for a cure??


Did you laugh about their diagnosis??

my bet – NO

Because the world understands that cancer is no laughing matter – yet DIABETES as a whole, KILLS MORE PEOPLE EVERY YEAR – and diabetics are LAUGHED AT


The life we live every single day

is NOT A JOKE and is NOT FUNNY..


Everyone really needs to band together and start correcting people who are Diabetes shaming – IT IS BULLYING and it is NOT FUNNY…


There are so many anti-bullying movements out there.. maybe the DOC should raise their voices and start one for people with Diabetes?





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